About Me, Writing for TV, Podcasts & blogs


The Write Stuff


I have written many articles for newspapers and magazines, mostly science-based, but with a leaning towards health, food and social care. Some were featured on the front pages of certain publications.

Having come from a research background, I am as confident writing about subjects that are new to me, as I am writing about fields that I am much more familiar with. 

I learnt how to interview properly a years back whilst working for BBC Radio Bristol, talking with politicians, scientists, touring musicians etc.

I know how to quickly win an interviewee over and get to the heart of the matter and write clearly about what can sometimes be complex subjects. 

I have also, and I slightly cringe slightly when I write this, won an award for my photography, but if you can’t shout about your skills on your own website, where else can you? So,  I take most of the pictures for my articles.

Add to that a year and a half of writing about Alzheimer's and other forms of dementia for the Evolve care Group and that gives me a firm leaning towards writing about health, although I love writing about many other subjects too, from astronomy ( yes, I actually have a GCSE in the subject) to zouk (a type of music from Guadeloupe). If you need anything written, please get in touch.


Writing For TV

I have been fascinated by the natural world ever since I was young and read books by Willard Price. Years later, I was making wildlife programmes for the BBC and have written and produced many 30 min and 50 min documentaries. I  worked on the Really Wild Show for two series, which took me all over the world filming and it was an incredible team to be part of. 

One of the progs I wrote and directed for BBC2 was this one:  The Great British Parakeet Invasion. It is a  tongue-in-cheek, 10 min-long doc that was  narrated by comedian, Steve Punt. It has been viewed over 500,000 times on Youtube. An eyebrow raising figure for a programme about a cheeky, invasive bird species.

For National Geographic Channel, I wrote the proposal and the programme script for Malaysia From Below, about the country’s best scuba-diving sites. It won Best Wildlife Documentary at the 2013 Asia Television Awards. 


Writing Podcasts and Blogs

I love listening to podcasts, and teamed up with friend and legendary audio producer, Daniel  Botei, to make some of our own.  The Rouf n Jerry Show is one I co-presented with DJ Manrouf Chanfi.

It's available on iTunes and asks questions such as What's the best song to play to an alien to help them understand what being human is all about?  


What song do you want on if you are the getaway driver after a bank robbery?


For my second series, The Musical Spotlight with Jerry Short  I decided to write 10min music docs that look into the lives of great Motown, reggae and funk stars. We've featured Tammy Terrel, Gil Scot Heron, Nene Cherry, Tom Jones, Gladys Knight, Bill Withers, Sam Cooke and many more.

BLOGS Ten years ago, I took my wife and our two children to Borneo for an adventure. We scuba dived with sharks, explored jungles and even got close to salt water crocs. Here is one of my travel blogs from that trip to Sabah, Borneo 

And here is a blog from a filming trip to Orkney, Scotland with a friend and ex-bbc colleague, Andy Luck, who sadly passed away a few years ago. Orkney was experiencing some very windy weather which made for some amusing observations.